361° – Biblioteca Archivio Michele Marotta opens officially on February 21st, 2011.
Considering the library-archive (like knowledge itself) as an organic system under transformation, to tell the story of 361° we must mention the one of the person that has “grown” the library-archive with coherence and passion for his whole life, getting the collection to a “mature phase” in terms of quantity and quality of the material.
The decision to constitute the library and to open it to the public, follows the basic idea that the methodic act of “collecting writings” has always been driven by the desire of contributing to the diffusion of culture; Michele Marotta has always pursued this ideal, placing himself as a “critical interface” between the content of the writings (either books, magazines or articles) and an always-diversified public.
From 2011, after two years of work, the cultural heritage has been moved from its domestic walls to a new site and now it constitutes the structure of 361° – Biblioteca Archivio Michele Marotta to start a new phase of shared development.

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